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The One Natural Ingredient You Need to Get The Stink Out of Your Workout Clothes

  • 2 min read

You just pulled on your freshly cleaned workout clothes and you’re ready to hit the gym.

But why does it smell like you’ve already done 100 burpees when you haven’t so much as moved a muscle yet?

It’s because your workout clothes are harboring that stench from all your prior sweaty sessions. Activewear is designed with stretchy materials that repel water, which is perfect for when you’re sweating buckets, but not when you’re washing them.

We have the tried-and-true trick to getting the stink out of your workout clothes: white vinegar! We know what you’re thinking… how does something that smells gross… get rid of gross smells? Well, white vinegar’s the miracle ingredient that strips away the sweat and bacteria lingering in your gym gear. Trust us.

You’ll Need:

  • ½ cup white vinegar
  • cold water
  • bucket/sink/tub

How To:

  1. Fill the bucket/sink/tub with cold water
  2. Add ½ cup of white vinegar
  3. Soak clothes for 15-30 mins prior to washing
  4. Squeeze out excess liquid
  5. Toss into washer
  6. Delicate cycle on cold
  7. Let air dry

Some Other Tips:

  • Try using a detergent that’s specifically formulated for sweaty activewear. Two of our favorites are  HEX Performance or  SweatX Sport.
  • Use LESS  detergent - too much detergent causes build-up in the tightly woven fibers of activewear materials like spandex.
  • Avoid using fabric softener - like detergent, it just latches onto and clogs the fibers, preventing sweat and dirt from washing out.
  • Don’t leave your clothes in a pile on the floor after a workout - this makes the smell, and the bacteria, worse! Allow items to air out before tossing them in your hamper.
  • Turn garments inside out & wash on cold to preserve the fabric.

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