Sport Energy

No-jitter, laser-focused energy.

Sports Drink

Rapid hydration + essential electrolytes.

Recovery Soda

Assist muscle recovery + boost immunity

Hydration Mix

Rapid hydration + essential electrolytes.

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Our story
Do good

Hey! We're the NOOMA Bros.

The NOOMA journey started for us when we finally said enough to the products given to us as college and pro hockey players. We needed something better.

So we launched NOOMA (it stands for "No More Artificials"), with a mission to help people to be the best, healthiest version of themselves.

We're also proud to be a certified B-Corp, meaning that we're held to work culture, environmental, and social standards.

We hope you enjoy!

Brandon & Jarred

Our Team's Core Values

⭐ We are good, positive people

⭐ We love helping people reach their potential

⭐ We are productive + honest in our communication

⭐ We have grit and get the job done

⭐ We are engines of new ideas

⭐ We star in our role

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