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Smarter Fuel.

We relentlessly stick to our 3 Product Pillars to ensure we deliver you the cleanest and healthiest performance fuel on the market.

Highly Functional

We make products that work. They help you feel better, perform at your best, and support your long-term health.

All of the research-backed ingredients we use are specifically included because of the natural functional benefits they provide you.


Organic + Plant-based

Choosing the right products with the right ingredients makes a difference in how you feel. Unfortunately, it's now so common for workout drinks to be loaded with ingredients that do more damage than good.

That's why we relentlessly source the highest quality organic and plant-based ingredients. None of the inflammatory, artificial junk that can wreck your gut and immune system.


Low Sugar

The average American consumes 152 pounds of sugar per year.

The #1 source? Sugar-sweetened beverages. A diet high in added sugars has been linked over and over again to numerous potential long-term health ailments like increased risk for obesity, high blood pressure, or diabetes.

That's why we're so committed to keeping sugar levels low in our drinks and never use added sugar.


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