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How to fall asleep. From someone who could never fall asleep.

  • 3 min read

My Grandma had a superpower. The woman could fall asleep anywhere, in any position, in under 30 seconds. One moment you’re watching  
Bonanza together, the next she’s catching flies leaving you and the Cartwrights in the dust. 

Unfortunately for me, this was not a genetic trait passed down. Instead, I have always been one of those who has struggled with sleep. Fortunately for you, I’ve spent the last 10 years trying everything under the sun and can report back that I’ve become a sleep master. 

So if you’re sick of melatonin-inspired dreams where you’re running through technicolored woods from creatures straight out of  The Witcher  or staring at the ceiling replaying that one conversation you had with your co-worker that was probably nothing. It was nothing. Was it nothing?  Rest assured. Try these tricks that have helped me fall (and stay) asleep. 

No new brain waves 

Remember these lines:

- Non-fiction before bed. Keeps turning on the head.
- New shows are a no-go.

Calming my mind is a key part to falling asleep. 10pm is not the time to fire and wire new circuits in the brain, and turning on a new show or reading a self-help book does that. So yes, you’ll join the select few who still think Mufasa is the Tiger King and it will take you 6 years to finish The Irishman, but you’ll get a good night's rest, which means a good workout. Worth it? I think so.

Always keep a spare

We all know how frustrating the can’t-get-comfortable scenario is. You toss, turn, flip, switch, scream into your pillows. It makes things worse. What helps is a change of environment. Always have a spare set of sheets washed and ready for the nights you can’t stop tossing around. The “fresh start”, mixed with the smell, and crisp cold temperature will help you fall asleep almost immediately. And I know. Nobody likes changing their sheets, but you weigh the cost. 5 minutes of that or another hour of doing the cupid shuffle in bed?

Mind cleanse before bed 

Take a hot, relaxing shower before bed. In the shower, I like to visualize every single thing on my mind leaving my head and washing away. The point is to get every thought down the drain before I hit the pillow so that I’m not lying awake solving, worrying, or wondering if penguins have knees. 

    The tools that help me maintain a steady sleep schedule... 
    1. Oura Ring 
      - If you haven’t realized yet, I’m obsessed with sleep. It’s like eating clean; once you get started you can’t stop. I love my Oura Ring. It tracks all of the stages (REM, deep, light) and gives you a personalized Sleep Score each morning. It tells you your ideal bedtime, tracks activity, body temperature, heart rate, and more. 

    2. Molekule Air Purifier 
      - Clean air = good sleep. This one is an investment, but worth it. It sucks in the pollutants so you don’t have to, and is super quiet while doing so. 

    3.  Natural Calms 
      - This is my nightcap. About 30 min before bed I mix up the powdered version of Natural Calms. Mixed Berry is the best flavor. 

    4.  Headspace App
      - I’ve tried every app, but always end up back at Headspace. I love their “Switching Off” meditation. It’s a visualization designed to relax the body and mind. 

    5. Aromatherapy Spray
      - I spritz my bedroom with rareEARTH’s Peace Aromatherapy Spray. Smells great and sets the atmosphere. 

    Now as a disclaimer, I am not a medical professional. And I still have those days where I need a little more concealer and a lot more  Six Shooter Coffee. But if you’re tired (ha) of the same old  “why sleep matters” and “tips to fall asleep” articles, and you’re looking for anything to help you get some damn good shuteye...Give these a go. 

    Wishing you all sweet, drooling, deep sleep, dreams. 


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