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How to Clean Your Home Gym Equipment

  • 2 min read

We Wipe Right. This Is How You Clean Your Home Gym Equipment
Hustling at home? Here’s how to keep your gym equipment clean. 

What to Use
While attempts to make home-made cleaner is well-intentioned, we’d encourage you to stay away from using cleaners and chemicals such as bleach and vinegar. These chemicals can stain, deteriorate, and ruin some equipment. We like to use disinfectant wipes made specifically for gym equipment like  VaporFresh Cleaner and  Zogics Wipes, as well as good ole dish soap and warm water. 

 How to Clean Your Gym and Equipment

** Before we begin, it is strongly recommended to unplug all equipment before you start cleaning! We’re pro-exercise. Not pro-electrocute.** 


When: Once a week
How:  Vacuum or sweep the entire surface to clear dust, debris, or dirt. Fill a bucket with a gallon of warm water and several drops of dish soap. Mop the entire floor with a light coat (don’t soak!). Let air dry.

Treadmills, Bikes, Ellipticals, Benches and Free Weights

When: After every use
How: Wipe down the machine or equipment with disinfectant wipe. Focus on handles, bars, screens, and seat seams. 

Resistance Bands

When: Once a week 
How: These are more tricky; many cleaning supplies dry out and deteriorate bands. Before you clean your floors with the water/dish soap mix from above, dip your resistance bands in and dry with a towel. 

Yoga and Fitness Mats

When: After every use 
How: Be sure to air dry your mat before rolling it up. If you’re at a studio practicing, roll your mat up but don’t forget to clean it and let it air dry when you get home! It’s best to allow your mat to air dry on both sides. You can do this by hanging it on your shower curtain rod, clothes hanger, or clothesline.

For a good wipe down, we recommend using a non-toxic gentle Yoga mat cleaner (can also be used on fitness mats). Our top pick is  Asutra Yoga mat cleaner that uses anti-microbial essential oils and coconut oil.

If you practice regularly we recommend soaking your mat once a month in the bathtub with warm water and several drops of dish soap. Let sit for ten minutes, scrub it with a soft towel, rinse, and let air dry!

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