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From hockey to hydration.

We’re Brandon and Jarred, or the NOOMA Bros as some people like to call us. This journey began for us as hockey-playing brothers who couldn’t stand the sugar-packed, artificial sports drinks we’d been given our whole lives, all the way up to our time as collegiate and professional athletes. We were out there competing at the highest level, yet were given products based on big corporate partnerships, not what’s actually good for you. None of it made sense. So we decided to make our own. Something better.

Dedicating to making the best.

Since day one, we’ve been relentlessly committed to using high-quality, functional ingredients in a way no company has ever done before. That means vetting hundreds of ingredient suppliers and never caving in to using the cheaper option, working with dietitians and nutritionists to ensure effectiveness, and trying a mind-numbing amount of samples (not all were winners to say the least). But it’s worth it. We all deserve to have products we love to put in our body.

More than just drinks.

A lot has changed since the early days of countless grocery store demos and bringing coolers of NOOMA to every workout we could find around Cleveland. But at the same time, what really matters has remained the same. We’ve always set out to build a company that went beyond just selling drinks and could have an even larger impact. That’s why we’re proud to be a certified B Corp (we’re held to environmental, employee wellbeing, and social standards), have a Sweat + Do Good division of our company, produce content people actually care about, and have a team full of people that share our core values (check them out below). To us, this is what makes NOOMA truly special.

Brandon and Jarred,
The NOOMA Bros

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