Organic Recovery Sodas

Your soda completely reimagined. Absolutely delicious and only 2 grams of sugar. Add in big recovery benefits from immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

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Try risk-free, 100% happiness guarantee.
Try risk-free, 100% happiness guarantee.
Love it or we'll take it back. We offer refunds on your first purchase of a new product line (i.e. energy drink, sports drink, hydration mix, recovery soda). Refunds are limited to one case per product line, not an entire order. With that in mind, we recommend starting out with one of our variety packs to find your favorite!

One quick suggestion before reaching out, make sure your drinks are nice and cold, it really helps make the flavors pop and our drinks taste great! If you're still not a fan, shoot us an email at within 30 days of your purchase to request a refund.

The need to knows.

😛 Shockingly great taste

🙌 2g of sugar and only 15 calories

➕ Ingredients that aid immunity

♾️ Anti-inflammatory support

🌱 Only organic and real ingredients - nothing artificial

Reverse osmosis carbonated water, organic lemon juice from concentrate, organic tart cherry juice from concentrate, organic flavor (unique to each flavor), organic guava leaf extract, organic acerola extract, organic adaptogen mushroom blend (organic turkey tail extract, organic reishi extract, organic shiitake extract, organic maitake extract, organic chaga extract), organic stevia leaf extract, organic turmeric extract, organic black pepper extract, organic ginger extract

❄️ Drink cold for the best taste

♾️ Give the can a little shake. There are real ingredients in there!

☀️ Drink anytime you're looking for a truly healthy and functional option with fun flavors (with lunch or dinner, an afternoon treat, an hour after a workout)

✅ You're done with sodas loaded with 40 grams of added sugar

✅ You're a label reader and get let down by every ingredient list you see on soda cans

✅ You want to add functionality to your seltzer

✅ You're looking for some fun variety from water but don't want sugar or calories

✅ You're always looking to add products to your diet that promote overall wellness

Completely reimagining what soda can do for you.

You shouldn't have to choose between enjoying the flavors you love and picking a healthy option.

And when we say healthy, we mean only 2 grams of sugar. We mean organic and plant-based ingredients. We mean functional ingredients like tart cherry, turmeric, Vitamin C, zinc, ginger, and adaptogens (wait, all of that goodness?!) that help support anti-inflammatory and immunity.

So yea, go ahead and upgrade your soda.

The smiles speak for themselves.

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