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Things We Love | Fitness Recovery Tech

  • 2 min read

Here at NOOMA, we’re all about that continuous journey of self-improvement and becoming the best version of yourself. Recovery included. Take a look at some of the recovery tech we can’t live without.

1. The Hypervolt, Hyperice

It’s a percussion massage tool that delivers a series of slow or quick blows to your muscles. It eases any soreness or stiffness, increases your range of motion, and allows you to move better for all of your workouts. The NOOMA team has extensively tested it out for you, and it has our seal of approval.

Fun Fact: The highest setting sends out 3,200 percussions a minute!

Why we love it? It works! You’ll feel like you just got a professional massage after using it. 

2. The Oura Balance Ring, Oura

It’s a sleek, lightweight titanium ring with infrared LEDs that measures how you sleep at night and how you move during the day. The ring then gives you insights on your sleep, readiness, and activity, so you can take action on how you go about your day and when you should end your night.

Fun Fact: The Oura team decided on a ring design because it emulates the pulse oximeters in hospitals; there are two arteries that run along the length of your fingers, and the ring measures directly from them.

Why we love it? It’s simple. When you sleep better, you perform better, and feel better.

3. Donnie Thompson Casual Bowtie, Spud Inc.

Nowadays, we’re constantly slouched over while on our computers or phones, and we often take that same posture into the gym, which can lead to a multitude of problems. The Casual Bowtie corrects that - it’s a lightweight, comfortable harness you can wear all day that pushes your shoulders and bicep tendons back and encourages proper posture. With consistent wear, your muscle memory will kick in and you’ll ease shoulder pain and reduce the risk for serious injuries that can hinder your performance.

Fun fact: The Casual Bowtie was developed with the help of powerlifting legend Donnie Thompson, who was the first person ever to total 3000 lbs.

Why we love it? It feels good and you’ll have better posture - both in and out of the gym.

4. Orb Extreme, Pro-Tec Athletics

It’s a 4.5” foam ball with firm, prominent bumps that allows you to target specific trigger points and muscle knots when rolled over areas like your calves, quads, hamstrings, and more. It provides a more aggressive and focused deep tissue massage than standard foam rollers and reduces muscle tightness, increases flexibility, and improves performance. It may be small, but it’s effective.

Why we love it? You can bring it with you anywhere for some necessary post-workout recovery.

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