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Sweat + Do Good. It's Not Just a Catchphrase. It's Our Way of Doing Business.

  • 4 min read

Have you ever noticed the “Sweat + Do Good” on both our sports drink and pre-workout? Well, it’s not just a feel-good catchphrase. It’s been a pillar since day one and at the very core of everything we do at NOOMA.

Before I started working at NOOMA, I had the opportunity to see what the company was doing in our local community. I could feel and see that they were driving a mission more than they were driving a product and it really drew me in.

In practice, Sweat + Do Good is all about supporting the people, organizations, and causes that enable others to experience the benefits of living an active, healthy lifestyle. We can all agree that a lifestyle with access to fitness, wellness, healthy food, and resources is much needed for optimal well-being. At the same time, there’s no denying that these things aren’t accessible to all. We see it as a responsibility and opportunity as a business to make these things more available to those not as privileged or lucky as ourselves. We work closely with organizations that share this belief.

The Beginnings of Doing Good

When our founders, brothers Jarred and Brandon Smith started our company in the fall of 2013 their intent was to give the community a healthy way to stay hydrated without the sugar and artificial ingredients that so many athletes, including themselves, had been drinking for years. The “NOOMA bros”, as we like to call them, immersed themselves in the community going to every workout they could, donating drinks to countless fundraising events, and just spreading the NOOMA love of optimal health and wellness in any way they could.

Ironically, I was working at a local running store at the time and had founded a run club called Run Wild CLE. It’s a club that was, and still is, equal parts running and social club with a backbone of doing good in our community (shameless plug). We’d regularly meet, run, and workout to raise funds and resources for local organizations. Jarred and Brandon would often check in with me, bringing the same question every time, “This is a great thing you’re doing. How can we help?”. They showed up every time I asked them to and then some. If I’m going to be completely honest, I’d often think, “How the hell are you guys making any money with how much you give away and do for the community?”

The Drive to Do Good

Obviously, they lived our mission from day one. Over the past few years, we wanted to grow the initiative into a system within our business model. When I was given the opportunity to join the NOOMA team and drive our Sweat + Do Good (SWDG) initiative, I jumped at the chance. My passion for bringing together the community around fitness and elevating underserved and less fortunate communities ran parallel to the job description they laid out in front of me. “What? I do this stuff for free in the community and you want to give me a job and a platform to do it? Um, OK.”

So, here we are. I’m about a year and a half in at NOOMA and the commitment to support not only our local community but communities around the country grows stronger and wider every day. As we grow as a business so does our SWDG efforts. It’s truly what gets me fired up to come to work every day.

While we have supported a wide range of different organizations, efforts, clubs, etc. over the years, and will continue to do so, we came to the conclusion that moving forward we’d have the biggest impact focusing our efforts. 

I sat down with Jarred and Brandon early on and asked them what mission they really believe in and want to push forward through our SWDG program. Without skipping a beat they agreed that elevating the underserved and underprivileged youth communities is undoubtedly their passion. Probably not a coincidence but I have the same exact focus and passion. In addition to Run Wild CLE, my wife worked with underserved and at-risk youth as a program director of a local organization called Effective Leadership Academy. Through her, I developed a deep understanding and empathy for this community and the children that lacked the resources so many of us take for granted. These children can thrive and be a huge asset to our global community, given the chance to succeed and live healthy lives.

Our Partners

For 2020 we’ve picked two outstanding organizations in Northeast Ohio, our hometown region, to partner with and focus on supporting. Both organizations are the epitome of the work we look to immerse ourselves in and we are beyond proud and honored to be a small part of their efforts.

ZENworks Yoga

ZENworks Yoga is a Cleveland-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to creating change and growth in a child’s life by teaching skills based on the practice of yoga and mindfulness. Their mission is to provide access to yoga and mindfulness programming for children and families in underserved schools and community organizations.

Adaptive Sports Programs of Ohio

The Adaptive Sports Program of Ohio (ASPO) is a nonprofit organization established to promote the health and wellness of individuals with physical disabilities. Here, we provide competitive and recreational adaptive sport opportunities throughout Ohio.

We are always looking to grow our SWDG program as a pillar of our business. If you are part of an organization or effort or know someone who fits the ideology of our program, please reach out to I would love to discuss opportunities to connect and collaborate!

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