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Team NOOMA Snacks Hard. This is what we're munching on right now...

  • 1 min read

RX Nut Butters
We like Vanilla Almond the best. Warning - don’t get the jar, you won’t have any sense of portion control. 

Epic Smoked Wild Salmon Strips
Taste way better than they smell. A not-so-salty jerky, packed with dem omegas! 

Bitchin' Sauce
The name says it all. We discovered these guys at an Expo a few years ago and fell in love. 

Cleveland Kitchen Kraut
Goes on anything. Salads, wraps, chips, spoons. We keep a bag of Whiskey Dill in the fridge at all times. Healthy gut, smelly office. 

Siete No-Grain Tortilla Chips
NOOMA suggested serving size? 1 bag. Pair it with their queso and it's game over.

Dang Coconut Chips
Super simple concept, strangely addictive. We like the lightly salted, no added sugar bag.

Brami Lupini Beans
Great on the nutrition stats. Love the fiber. Love the low-carb. 

Simple Mills Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
For the sweet snack. Dip 'em in some almond milk...or a chocolate mint NOOMA 😉

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