Join the Sweat Squad

We’re excited to be on the Brandbassador platform and give our NOOMA super fans the chance to become online NOOMA ambassadors and get featured in NOOMA ads. Simply complete missions in exchange for cash rewards, gift certificates to use on your favorite NOOMA, commission, freebies and more. Plus, you'll be a part of the best community (ok, we're biased) of NOOMA-loving, health and fitness fanatic friends.

What is a NOOMA ambassador?

It's a super fan who is passionate about our mission to help and inspire others to become the best, healthiest versions of themselves. You complete missions ranging from following us on social media, showing us how and where you love to drink NOOMA, to sharing your experience in the private Sweat Squad Facebook group. The more missions you complete, the more gift certificates you’ll receive to use on NOOMA.

Who can be a NOOMA ambassador?

Anyone NOOMA fanatic can join! If you are a regular customer that's ordered NOOMA before & you want the world to know how awesome it is, then The Sweat Squad is for you. You just need to create fun and engaging content for at least one mission a month.

⭐ Have any number of social media followers

⭐ At least 18 years or older

⭐ Have purchased NOOMA before

⭐ Oh, and you love NOOMA. Duh.

How to join The Sweat Squad

Becoming a NOOMA ambassador is free & easy. Simply click the button below & follow the instructions on how to set up your account.

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