Lead with Excellence, Fuel Others Forward 💪🏽

The Leaders Program exists for those who are experts in the health & fitness space. They share our love for movement and are like-minded in wanting to empower others to embrace true health and wellness...beyond just what's "trendy" in the fitness world. By partnering together,our hope is we can fuel others forward in their fitness journeys.

The Leaders We're Looking For🏅

It may sound like a throwback, old-school way of building an "influencer program," but we're looking for people who have built a name for themselves in the health & wellness spaces through real 1:1 relationships and connections. We're not interested in how many Instagram or TikTok followers a leader may have.


Gym owners, fitness instructors, nutritionists, physical therapists, you name it. People who have built their name and network through real interactions and connections. Those who daily get in the trenches and positively impact the lives of others through personal conversations, not just post-reach. If that's you, we're looking for you.

Benefits 💎

NOOMA Leaders enjoy incentives such as:

- 4 free cases of NOOMA + swag every 3 months

- 5 FREE sampler packs to share with clients, family & friends every month

- Marketing exposure through our social media & email channels

- Networking opportunities with other health & fitness professionals

- Welcome call with one of the NOOMA Bros

- Ability to earn NOOMA for related fitness events

- Long-form written content opportunities

- Monthly NOOMA Leader Giveaways

What are the requirements?

We ask each Leader to complete the following:

☑️ Include "NOOMA Leader @drinknooma" in their Instagram bio

☑️ Tag us in 3 social posts a month

☑️ 10 sampler pack redemptions per quarter


Let's Fuel Forward.

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NOOMA Leaders IRL 👊🏽

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