Looking for something more out of your soda?

Here are the 5 amazing reasons why NOOMA's Recovery Soda is revamping how you repair and refuel.

#1 Faster recovery with anti-inflammatory ingredients.

You can reduce after-workout soreness and inflammation with our unique blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients: tart cherry juice, turmeric + black pepper, ginger, and lemon juice.*

#2 Arm your body with immunity support.

Our sodas help improve your overall wellness with 100% of the recommended daily values of Zinc and Vitamin C with added support from our immunity adaptogen blend. After all, it's pretty hard to be at your best when you're not well.

#3 It's a damn tasty soda replacement.

Lightly carbonated, the perfect amount of sweet, and flavors you'll absolutely love. It's made our recovery sodas the ideal alternative to high-sugar pops and zero-function seltzers for our customers.

#4 Keto-friendly and 2 grams of sugar to meet your goals.

Did you know that Americans consume over 150 pounds of sugar per year and that sugar-sweetened beverages are the #1 source? Finding the right product that fits your needs can be tough. Our drinks help you avoid all that sugar.

#5 Clean, functional ingredients you'll feel good about.

We only use organic and plant-based ingredients, so you'll not only feel good drinking NOOMA — you'll feel even better about choosing it.

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Real people. Real stories. Real results.

"Muscle soreness was no more."

One of my family members received a case & so I tried it for two days in a row and let me tell you that my muscle soreness was no more!! Usually it takes 3 days to completely heal but this drink helped wonders!

- Lauren D.

"Whatever you do start drinking these."

Drinking this daily has helped my body recover in more ways I thought possible. A few weeks ago I realized I went two days without drinking one and when I tell you I woke up the most sore I had ever been along with feeling purely exhausted and my body just drained. WHATEVER YOU DO, START DRINKING THESE!!! It actually is the best recovery drink out there!!!"

- Karrah B.

"My post-exercise-go' to."

The flavor is great and knowing there is no sugar, only good stuff, is making it my post-exercise go-to. I’m always amazed how different my body feels after drinking one, my muscles do feel more relaxed and recovered. Definitely worth it.

- Kirk G.

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