Become a NOOMA Leader

Become a NOOMA Leader 💪🏽

Lead with Excellence, Fuel Others Forward

The Leader's Tier exists for those in health & fitness spaces who operate as experts. They share our love for movement and are like-minded in wanting to empower others to embrace true health and wellness...beyond what's just "trendy" in the fitness world. By partnering together, our hope is we can fuel others forward in their fitness journeys.

The Leaders Tier🏅

We're looking for people with true influence in the health & wellness spaces. These could be gym owners, fitness instructors, CrossFit coaches, nutritionists, physical therapists, etc.

Benefits 💎

NOOMA Leaders enjoy incentives such as:

- Welcome package of 2 cases of your favorite product/flavor

- 30% off discount code to share with clients/friends/family

- $10 commission off sales that come from that code

- A separate discount code for your personal enjoyment

- Collaborated marketing efforts & exposure through our social and email channels

- Ability to earn free drinks provided for fitness/health-related events

- Compensated content creation partnership opportunities

- Opportunity to participate in Brandbassador missions for additional perks

What are the requirements?

All we ask of our leaders is to complete at least one of the following each month:

☑️ 1 sale per month with their 30% off discount code

☑️ 5 Brandbassador missions completed

☑️ One piece of content submitted (ad video content, organic social content, or long form content)
☑️ Represent us at one event


Become a NOOMA Leader