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Delicious, lightly carbonated sport energy drinks you can feel, and feel good about. No jitters, crashes, or chemicals. Only 15 calories and no added sugar.

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Ingredients You'll Love

Organic and plant-based with absolutely no artificials, preservatives, or compromises.

High Functionality

We've done the research and selected ingredients that naturally have what you need to feel your best, and be at your best.

No Added Sugar

Organic and plant-based with absolutely no artificials, preservatives, or compromises.

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Immunity + Anti-Inflammatory

It's soda, but better. Absolutely delicious, no added sugars and packed with immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory ingredients. It's the bubly drink of your dreams.


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Clean Hydration

Refreshing, electrolyte-packed, and highly hydrating sports drinks. And absolutely none of the junk you’re used to seeing from the neon yellow sports drinks you grew up drinking.


How Lauren NOOMAs:

Sport Energy every morning before workout ✔️

Madeline Moves/Peloton ✔️

Sports Drink ✔️

Recovery at night ✔️

The ingredients in the can that will help you feel great.

Organic Green Coffee Bean

120mg of clean, no-jitter energy from green coffee beans. It delivers a clean, no-jitter energy boost that will leave you feeling absolutely amazing.

Performance Adaptogens

A powerful combination of the organic adaptogens ginseng, maca, ashwagandha, and lion's mane.  These ingredients help you feel focused, energized, and perform your best.

Electrolyte Hydration

Organic coconut water and Himalayan pink salt provide the electrolytes to deliver added hydration.

Better Ingredients

Only organic, plant-based, and real ingredients. No added sugar and only 15 calories per can.

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"Significantly less muscle soreness the next day when I drink NOOMA's Sport Recovery. And they're also delicious"

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NOOMA® Red Bull® Alani Nu® Celsius®






No Added Sugar

Artificial Sweetener


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