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NOOMA Organic Sport Energy provides a combination of clean caffeine, organic adaptogens, and added electrolytes to get you energized, focused, and ready to work out. Try all of the flavors and get 30% OFF a 12-pack variety case! Plus fast, free shipping.

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Why NOOMA Sport Energy?

Ingredients You'll Love

Organic and plant-based with absolutely no artificials, preservatives, or compromises.

High Functionality

We've done the research and selected ingredients that naturally have what you need to be perfectly energized and focused so you'll crush every single workout.

No Added Sugar

All of our deliciously refreshing energy drinks have only 15 calories and have no added sugars. We made our drinks with your nutrition goals in mind.

Fueling great workouts across the country.

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"Ingredients are

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Our Sport Energy Drink is perfect for you if...

✔️ You've been looking for that perfect super fuel


✔️ High productivity and massive output sound good to you


✔️ You're not a fan of scratching your face uncontrollably every time you have a pre-workout


✔️ Blue Razz and Unicorn Sprinkles aren't flavors you're into


✔️ You only like to put the highest quality ingredients in your body

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.9/5.0 512 reviews)

Four delicious flavors

  • 3 cans of each

- Dragon Fruit

- Pinepple Mango

- Tangerine

- Lemon Lime

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The ingredients in the can that will help you feel great.

Organic Green Coffee Bean

120mg of clean, no-jitter energy from green coffee beans. It delivers a clean, no-jitter energy boost that will leave you feeling absolutely amazing.

Performance Adaptogens

A powerful combination of the organic adaptogens ginseng, maca, ashwagandha, and lion's mane.  These ingredients help you feel focused, energized, and perform your best.

Electrolyte Hydration

Organic coconut water and Himalayan pink salt provide the electrolytes to deliver added hydration.

Better Ingredients

Only organic, plant-based, and real ingredients. No added sugar and only 15 calories per can.

But what kind of company is NOOMA?

Meet the NOOMA Bros

We're Brandon and Jarred, or the NOOMA Bros as some people like to call us. We started this company because we were college and professional hockey players that simply had enough of the junk sports drinks we'd be given our whole lives. These products were built on big corporate partnerships, not what’s actually good for you.

So we dedicated ourselves to making our own. Something better. Oh, and that's us at an event with our mom and her dog, Kramer 🐶

More than just drinks

We’re proud to be a certified B Corp (we’re held to environmental, employee wellbeing, and social standards), have a Sweat + Do Good division of our company, and have a team full of people that share our core values.

Building community

The NOOMA Sweat Squad community is made up of hundreds of people across the country that share our passion for living and sharing an active, healthy lifestyle. To us, it's supporting each other on our individual journeys of being the best versions of ourselves. 

Having fun with @drinknooma


When should I drink NOOMA Pre-Workout?

We recommend drinking the NOOMA Organic Pre-Workout 10 to 20 minutes before a workout or any activity. Be sure to drink it cold and give it a shake before drinking.

How does it taste?

Our pre-workout has a crisp, clean taste that isn’t too sweet and is very drinkable before a workout. We couldn’t stand the overly sweet, syrupy tasting pre-workouts.

What are Adaptogens?

Does NOOMA need to be refrigerated?

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Burpee-filled bootcamp class, killer HIIT + Hills ride, 60 min power vinyasa flow. No matter the workout. We got your back. Get your 50% OFF 12-Pack Variety!

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