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No-jitter, laser-focused energy.

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Effective hydration without the junk.

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Assist muscle recovery + boost immunity

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Convenient, clean, and effective hydration.

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NOOMA Duffle Bag

Large Nike duffle bag with shoe and wet clothes compartments. The perfect gym bag that can fit all of your gear.


Try 100% risk-free on your first case
Try 100% risk-free on your first case
We offer refunds on your first purchase of a new product line (i.e. Energy Drink, Sports Drink, Electrolyte Mix, Wellness Soda). Refunds are limited to one case per product line, not an entire order. With that in mind, we recommend starting out with one of our variety packs to find your favorite!

One quick suggestion before reaching out, make sure your drinks are nice and cold, it really helps make the flavors pop and our drinks taste great! If you're still not a fan, shoot us an email at within 30 days of your purchase to request a refund.

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