• SWEAT.

    • HYDRATE.

    • PURSUE.

    Electrolyte Hydration


    Light & smooth | No Acid. No Preservatives. | Refreshing natural flavors


    5 replenishing electrolytes | 10 Calories & 2g cane sugar | No GMOs, gluten free, vegan


    Challenge yourself. | Be passionate. | Discover all life has to offer.

    NOOMA = No More Acid

    What started as a casual dinner conversation about issues with typical sports drinks, got the wheels turning... a clean hydrator to replace lost electrolytes without the acid and with only quality ingredients.
    NOOMA was born.

      Meet The Hydrators. Your Body Will Thank You.

      NOOMA Cherry Lime

      Cherry Lime

      "Holy WOD, I can't feel my legs. Cherry Lime me."

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      NOOMA Mangosteen


      "And the instructor decided to end class with a three-song climb. Gonna need that Mangosteen."

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      NOOMA Blueberry Peach

      Blueberry Peach

      "Ran the long trail today and making it just in time for the 8am. Help me out Blueberry Peach."

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      NOOMA Chocolate Mint

      Chocolate Mint

      "That's enough chair pose for a week. Give me that Chocolate Mint goodness."

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        Our Story

        So back to that dinner conversation…

        With the idea fresh in their minds, it shouldn't be a surprise to anybody who knows brothers Brandon and Jarred what happened next - they ran with it. How can we make a hydration drink without acid or preservatives? Everyday the project grew and grew. With their mentor Chris, they researched, learned and called anybody who could to help.

        At the time, the team was spread out all over the country, literally. With the guys playing minor pro hockey in Alaska and Missouri, and Chris working in California, the early days were full of conference calls that often left someone a few hours short on sleep. However, a little distance and few time-zones weren't going to stand in the way. The vision was there. With the help of nutritionists, flavor specialists and industry experts, the drink became a reality.

        Fast forward a few months and the brothers were back in Cleveland, getting NOOMA on the shelves. Along the way the team began to realize what they were building was more than just a drink. It was a lifestyle. Wellness, balance, fitness and passion for what you love, became the foundations of NOOMA and what was truly important. Giving back also took on more importance to the team, lending their time, knowledge, resources and, of course, drinks to various organizations including The Boys and Girls Foundation, food banks, local schools and the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

        The team is starting to grow and spreading the word about theses pillars, the NOOMA Life, the only way they know how, living it. Yoga by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, The Murph Challenge, quad-wrenching spin classes and boot camp at 5:30am - they're there, sweating it out and just having a good time….not to mention bringing along some healthy hydration as well!

        Our Team


        Chris Cummins

        The Savvy Veteran

        With a lot of young talent on the squad, Chris provides the business experience to make sure the ship stays on course. Having founded several operating companies, he has a lot of, "I've seen this one before" to draw upon. With all the biking he does, Chris still has the motor of somebody half his age. Unfortunately, his workout gear hasn't aged quite so well.


        Brandon Smith

        Mr. TCOB

        Brandon is the guy making the NOOMA business happen on the ground floor. He’s always plugged in, either on the phone, writing emails or setting up meetings. Plain and simple, he’s taking care of business.

        Brandon hates snakes, burpees and carbs... not in any particular order.


        Jarred Smith

        The Big Picture Guy

        Come by the office and you may be lucky enough to hear one of Jarred’s hour long “seminars” on the brand and direction of NOOMA. He loves what NOOMA stands for and lets his passion guide his work.

        If you ever get Jarred really excited about NOOMA keep your head on a swivel. He starts kicking. High.


        Leigh Richards

        Marketing Trailblazer

        Fresh out of college, Leigh brings her energy and creativity to the NOOMA crew and is chomping at the bit to help the company grow and spread the word. She is full of great new ideas, perspectives and has the social media game on lock.

        Leigh has a love for finding new, healthy snack recipes. Most are winners. Some are sent back to R&D.



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